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Frequently asked questions
Check  below to see an answer or contact me for more advice.
  • What system size do I need?
    Only through a personal consultation can this be found

  • Are the rebates currently available?
    Yes the Solar Bonus credit scheme is still available to most customers

  • Is there a Feed In Tariff available where I live
    Even though the governments in several states have reduced FIT's there is still rates available to most consumers

  • How do i reduce my bill with out Solar?
    Auditing and Identification of where energy consumption is occurring can quickly reduce bills

  • What happens if my system breaks down?
    Call us immediately and we can liaise with the manufacturer to either repair or replace

  • Do i need to maintain my system
    Yes. It is extremely important to have a regular services on your system to ensure it is operating correctly and is safe. It is also a requirement from manufacturers and your supply Authority. ( Energex, Ergon, Essential Energy)

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