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Glen Bulled
CEC accredited off grid and grid connected
CEC Lic A5165290
QLD electrical contractor 76229
NSW electrical contractor 250472C
Phone: 0451460052

Investing in a Commercial System
Investing in a Commercial System

The ever increasing burden of energy costs and decreasing costs of solar products has made Commercial solar systems very affordable to most businesses. Systems can be designed to target specific maximum demand and operational loads after careful analysis of load profiles. An investment in solar can help your business save for the future, along with easy finance options.
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Specific requirements are needed from a team of specialists to ensure the safety and compliance of the system is adhered to. We use structural and electrical engineers to ensure the building is capable of the installation and to ensure the network protection systems are operating correctly and safely. Development applications to the local councils and supply authorities can be complicated and costly, this is where our team of professionals work closely to find a cost effective solution if extra requirements are requested by the supply authorities.

MG Solar Designs Pty Ltd

PO Box 114
Helensvale QLD 4212
Phone: 0451 460 052

ABN:69 152 076 376

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