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Glen Bulled
CEC Accredited Off Grid and grid connected
CEC Lic # A5165290
QLD Electrical Contractors 76229
NSW Electrical contractors 250472C
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Battery Systems
Battery Systems
Battery storage for Off grid stand alone solar systems and Hybrid grid connected solar system are individually designed for any load and budget. Not one size fits all as everyone lives a little different from the next....especially Off Grid.
Batteries can now be used to store your solar energy during the day to be used at night. Why feed it in at such a low feed in tariff only to buy it back at night for a much higher rate. Storage can even be installed to your existing solar system.
Migrating from diesel generation to Solar with battery storage has a much shorter return of investment than some may think along with massive carbon emission reduction and reduced maintenance costs.
Hybrid systems have extensive advantages for cost reduction of increasing power bills. Store energy during the day to use at night and when the grid is not available, whether during storms or network maintenance.

We currently have Fronius, Tesla, Red Earth, Alpha ESS and LG Chem batteries to suit any Hybrid requirements.

Tesla systems start at $621 per month and other battery storage options start at $506 per month.

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